About Sierra Wine Experience
tour areas imageFor many years I have enjoyed the pleasure of wine tasting in the Sierra foothills, and those times have formed some of my fondest memories. Along the way I met some fantastic people, helped plant a vineyard, assisted in tasting rooms, served wines at special events, and experimented with blending wine from barrels. Perhaps most importantly was the time spent sharing these wonderful experiences with friends and family.

Although I have wine tasted in other areas of California (and Europe), I feel the Sierra foothills provides a unique combination of fine wines, produced by small, family-owned wineries, with an unmatched friendliness, and free of the crowds encountered in other wine regions. Many of the wineries do not charge a tasting fee and there is a high probability that at each winery you visit, you will be talking with the owner, a family member, or the winemaker, and they actually have time to talk with you. Ask them about their favorite wine, what food they recommend to compliment a particular wine, or specifics about how a particular wine was made, and you will find willing answers and interesting perspectives.

I started Sierra Wine Experience to help promote the Sierra foothill wineries, to share this unique experience with others and, maybe along the way, make new friends in the process. I recognized that I did not want to ruin those aspects of the experience that I enjoy, so we keep our tour groups small so as to not overwhelm the smaller tasting rooms. We offer completely customizable tours to enhance your enjoyment, and many of the wineries offer special tasting areas or tours that are not generally available to the public.

Finally, if you would like to learn more about wines, wine tasting, or the interesting history of wine making in the area, we will be glad to assist. If not, we'll shut up and you can simply enjoy the scenery and the wonderful Sierra wine experience.




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